Fly Tying Videos

John Schultz Fly Tying     (Polar Bunny starts at 29:40)Button Watch
Advanced Fly Tying – March 7, 2020Button Watch
Scott Barrus Fly TyingButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Purple Chubby Chernobyl Ant and the Hippie StomperButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Hippie StomperButton Watch
John Schultz ties the JWS CoppersideButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Hackled FrenchieButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Ausable WulffButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Damsel Fly NymphButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Thin MintButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Silver ClaretButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the ClaretButton Watch
Dave Allison ties The DonaldButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Black & Purple MatukaButton Watch
John Schultz ties the Straggle String DamselButton Watch
John Schultz ties the Orange Blossom SpecialButton Watch
John Schultz ties the Manitoba Minnow.Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the California Dreamin’Button Watch
Dave Allison ties the Animal CaddisButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the ParaHumpyButton Watch
Purple Starling, Purple Elk Hair Caddis, Skittering Caddis, Green Drake and Marty’s HopperButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Burkus BaetisButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Paraloop Caddis EmergerButton Watch
Peter Steen ties the Latex Caddis Pupae, Caddis Emerger and Goddard CaddisButton Watch
Sam Swink ties the Green Drake, Flying Ant and Stonefly dry fliesButton Watch
 Roscoe Petroff ties Woven Body StonefliesButton Watch
Brian Berry ties the Whitefish streamer, Tommy’s Bugger and the Muddled Golden dry flyButton Watch
 Dave Allison’s Instructions for the Film CriticButton Watch
“Dr Z” ties the Weaponized Large Mouse, Weaponized Small Mouse and the Weaponized Red Lips Lisa Roosterfish fliesButton Watch
 Dave Allison ties the Soft Hackle CaddisButton Watch
Larry Larsen ties the Chernobyl Ant, Double Bear Wing and  the Legendary Golden StoneButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Wally Wing MidgeButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Film CriticButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Low Riding CaddisButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Shakey BealyButton Watch
Casey Anderson ties the Booby, Popcorn Beetle and Balanced LeechButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the PMD CrippleButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Banded Caddis PupaeButton Watch
Dave Raisch ties the Blue Pill, Icy Manipulator, Caddis Pupa and Arnold StoneflyButton Watch
Dave Allison ties the Moonlit Orange HumpyButton Watch
Wes Johnson ties the Yellow Elk Hair Caddis, Water Boatman, Mohawk, Frenchie Variant, Baetis Nymph Variant and the Purple HazeButton Watch
Christy Carlson ties the Cottonwood Special and the VixenButton Watch