John Schultz Shares Two of his latest Successful Stillwater Fly Patterns

John Schultz Big Brown Cropped2

If you’re wondering where to get the material for Peas N Carrots…I picked up some at Wasatch Fly Fishing and Tying Expo.  As far as I know it’s only available from It’s called “Leech Candy Dub – Peas N Carrots”. Hawgfish will be at the Wasatch Expo again this year.  Get there early! Their “Peas N Carrots” were really popular last year!

I tie the pattern as small as 10’s, but I usually use Squirrel on 10’s and 8’s, and usually tie on Gamakatsu S10’s, or S10s’s if I can find them. I like them because they are so sharp!

On larger sizes I also use Fulling Mill “Streamer Stripper “ hooks, 4’s and 2’s. They are stronger than S10’s but not quite as sharp. When I started using Gamakatsu S10 and S10s (the S10s are straight eye) I felt like my numbers of hook ups went up 30%! They are quite brittle, but have a “Micro Barb” and are very very sharp!