Past 2024 Club Meetings

January Monthly Meeting

January 3, 2024, 6pm – 9pm

Annual Membership Meeting & Social

Please join us for High Country’s Social and Annual Membership Meeting, where we will discuss the results of 2023 operations, plans for 2024, and administrative and organizational issues.

Your input will be sought, so please come with some ideas for activities or trips you would like to see High Country undertake.

Before getting down to business, we will begin with a social, where High Country will serve pizza and salad, and nonalcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring an alcoholic beverage for yourself or to share.

This is a good opportunity for you to meet your fellow members and see how you can get involved in club activities.

February Monthly Meeting

February 7, 2024 

Mickey Anderson

Mickey Anderson

Mickey Anderson helping Adam Eakle land a nice Brown trout on the Lower Provo River

Longtime HCFF supporter, Utah Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee, and local fishing celebrity, Mickey Anderson, will give a talk on The Importance of Presentation, saying, “The presentation of your fly is more important than the fly itself. Getting it to the right depth with the right amount of movement or lack of movement and understanding how the fish see it and you in different conditions can determine your success on the water.”

April Monthly Meeting

Wed, April 3, 6pm – 9pm

Weber River Crossover Project

Past Presidents Jack Campbell and Bill Quapp will give an overview and update of High Country’s Weber River Crossover Project that provides access to private property along the Weber River.

Weber River Crossovers

HCFF Volunteers installing another Crossover along the Weber River

In 2022, we began kicking around the idea of replacing the wood crossovers with new ones fabricated out of galvanized steel. Jack in recent years has spearheaded the initiative, and he recruited Bill to manage the funding and fabrication of the steel crossovers. Through Bill’s efforts, High Country was able to secure funding through grants from the Park City Chamber of Commerce and the Utah Division of Natural Resources.

Come hear how it all came together and what you can do to help.

Featured Speaker: Craig Stone

Craig Stone was born and raised in the Salt Lake City area and started fishing in 1979 with dry flies on small rivers on the south slope of the Uintah Mountain Range. This sparked a great passion for fly fishing and in 1983 he learned the art of tying flies from the great Green River guide Emmet Heath. With his new Scud patterns, Craig fished the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam and earned the nickname “Scud King” from friends.

He was introduced to European Nymphing in 2012 by guide and Umpqua signature tyer Lance Egan. Now his preferred method, Craig can be found nymphing on rivers throughout the West and on stillwater from a pontoon boat.

In the past decade, Craig has also been honing his fine art skills by painting his favorite fish and river scenes and has received several awards in local art shows.

The session will focus on the following:

Sections of the Weber River
European Nymphing equipment (rods, reels, leaders)
Best fly patterns for nymphing
Strategy and technique
Come out and learn from one of the best.

May Monthly Meeting


Brooke Bailey, International Angler


Brooke Bailey

Brooke Bailey, Fishwest Store Manager, Kamas, International Angler


Brooke Bailey has spent a lifetime immersed in the world of angling, honing her skills and sharing her passion with fellow enthusiasts. From the majestic waters of Utah’s local streams to far-flung destinations like Bolivia, Argentina, and Iceland, she’s cast her line in pursuit of thrilling catches and unforgettable moments.

At Fishwest Fly Shop, where she proudly serves as a key figure, she’s dedicated to fostering a community united by their love for the sport. Through initiatives like Fly Fishing 101 classes and the upcoming launch of a women’s intro to fly fishing program, Brooke strives to inspire and educate anglers of all levels, ensuring that the joy of fly fishing transcends boundaries.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Middle Provo River for Spring and Summer Success


Overview of the Middle Provo River
Importance of Understanding the River’s Intricacies
Spring and Summer Transformation of the Middle Provo

Description of the River’s Transition
Increase in Aquatic Life and Insect Activity
Identifying Key Insects and Hatches

Prolific Midges, Caddisflies, and Mayflies
Opportunities for Surface Action
Rigging up for success
Understanding Environmental Factors

Impact of Water Flow and Temperature Fluctuations
Influence on Trout Behavior and Feeding Patterns
Maximizing Angling Success

Importance of Adaptability and Attunement
Strategies for Unlocking the River’s Full Potential

June Monthly Meeting

Will Manhart

Co-Owner of Local waters Guide Service
Will had his first encounter with fish at the age of 2 when he tangled with a bluegill that fell for a live worm under a bobber. Since then he has pursued fish with the fly rod from New Jersey, to Florida, to Colorado, and even the Virgin Islands. Since his first time fishing to wild brook trout during the Sulphur hatch in NJ, he has made a point to seek out that next intriguing river. Will equates sharing this knowledge of all things fly fishing, to coaching. He enjoys nothing more than giving his clients the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Will Manhart

Will Manhart

Aside from the standard walk and wade fly fishing trips, Local Waters guide service also offers a 4-day Youth Fly Fishing Camp at the end of July. This camp will focus on casting, fly tying, entomology, gear rigging, and river safety; and, it will feature on the river fishing time each day. Local Waters also offers guided Upland Bird Hunting beginning in September and running until January. These bird hunting trips allow for guests to have a “Cast and Blast” experience when coupled with a Fall fishing trip.  They can also incorporate a fly tying session where you are able to craft flies from your game bird that will produce on our local rivers.

Will’s Presentation

Fall Fishing & Upland Game Destinations

The presentation will be focused on the Fall fly fishing and wingshooting opportunities around the country, in the Rocky Mountain West, and here in Utah, including information on rivers, hatches, and interesting tidbits about all of the areas.

Whether you are looking to expand your understanding of what the fish are eating through the changing of seasons, or brainstorming your next outdoor adventure, Will will cover a little bit of everything regarding the unique locations he’s fished.

June Monthly Meeting

Brandon Hill

Owner of Hatch Academy

Brandon Hill is a Utah native and avid fly-fisherman, outdoor enthusiast, skier, golfer, and writer based in Salt Lake City. A marketing professional since his early twenties, he founded Mountain Standard Time Marketing in 2016 to help small businesses with digital marketing needs, focusing on strategies, campaigns, and website development.

His passion for fly fishing, introduced in his early teens, led him to spend fifteen years fishing the Provo River and other Utah waterways. After a decade in his career, he rekindled his love for the sport, frequently visiting Western Rivers for supplies and advice. In 2022, he launched Hatch Academy, a guide and instructional service for dry fly fishing on the Middle Provo River.

Brandon also serves on the Utah Stream Access Board of Directors, is Co-Chair of the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce, and volunteers with various non-profits.

Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill

Brandon’s Presentation

Bridging the Gap Between Learning to Fish and Catching Fish—This will be based on the learning curve and education that takes place from taking a casting class, for example, to translating that to real-time knowledge and understanding on the river in order to catch fish.

Future meeting details, when available, can be found on the Calendar Page!