Fish Tales

New member John at Crittendon Reservoir.

New member Kyle's 22-inch cutthroat from Jordanelle.

Kevin with a nice Patagonia brook trout.

Dave with a Henry's Lake trophy.

Susie with a 27-inch monster from Henry's Lake.

New member Katie fishing Henry's Lake from shore.

Eric with a Henry's Lake lunker.

Chris and Krista with an 8-pound brown from the Greenstone River in New Zealand.

Bill with a 20-inch hopper-eating rainbow from Savery Creek.

Eric with a 24-inch rainbow from Renegade.

Dave with a lunker brown from the B Section.

Dave with 20-inch Cuttbow from the A Section of the Green.

Kaden and Jimmer with a double from the Green River.

Bob fishing the Green.

Eric with a huge smallmouth from Jordanelle.

John with a nice Henry's Lake cutthroat.

Dave with a 22-inch brown from Starvation Reservoir.

New member Chris with a rainbow from Ensign Ranch.

New member Kaden with one of 53 trout from Ensign Ranch.

Dave's Madison river brown taken on a soft hackle.

Dave with a 22-inch, 4-pound cutthroat from the Big Horn river.

Dave with a nice rainbow from the Big Horn while fishing with Jack Dennis.

Dave with a fat Sheridan Lake rainbow.

Dave's Alaskan fishin' buddy with a Brooks River sockeye.

Tom got a couple of nice cutts in the tube on Strawberry.

Bill with a largemouth bass from Colorado Lake.

Bill's glacier cutthroat from the Flat Head river.

John with a nice rooster fish from the Sea of Cortez.

Jeff with a nice rooster fish too.

Fred with a nice Ensign Lake rainbow.

Dave with a Green River rainbow.

Dave with another nice rainbow from the Green River.

John with a 30-inch, 10-pound brown from Jordanelle Reservoir.

Jeff with a nice Sarasota snook.

Jeff with a huge Pensacola red fish.

Jeff with a fat Strawberry rainbow.

Jeff with a lunker Rocky Mountain brown.

Jeff with a rainbow "football" from Strawberry.

John with a 24-inch cutthroat from Strawberry Reservoir. The fish took a 3-inch
Matuka streamer and had an 8-inch trout in its mouth when landed.

Bill with a 27-inch, 10+ pound cutthroat from Strawberry Reservoir.

John's 48th fish that day on Strawberry.

Susie with a huge rainbow from a small Utah reservoir.

Bill with a 35-inch Arctic Char from Ugebic Narrows, Alaska

New fly fisher Bryant with a 26-inch cutthroat from Strawberry Reservoir.

Susie with a Strawberry Reservoir lunker.

Dave with a 25-inch rainbow from Strawberry Reservoir.

Dave with a huge brown from the B section of the Green River.

Matt with a nice brown from the B Section of the Green River.

Dave with a 41-inch pike from Yuba Reservoir -- only 8 inches off the state record.

John with a 24-inch walleye from Starvation.

John with a 20-inch rainbow from Strawberry Reservoir.

Susie with a nice Hebgen brown.

John on Hebgen Reservoir.

Dave's 22-inch cutthroat from Strawberry Reservoir taken on a size 18 dry fly.

John on Calder Reservoir.

Susie on Calder Reservoir.

Jeff with a huge Starvation brown.

Susie with a nice Starvation Reservoir brown trout.

Susie with a lunker Starvation Reservoir brown.

John with a nice Starvation Reservoir walleye.

John with another Starvation Reservoir walleye.

Mike with a Belize bonefish.

John in Sarasota, Florida with a pompano.

Bill with a nice brown from the B Section of the Green.

Bill with another nice brown from the B Section.

Matt with a 20" Strawberry River brown.

Matt with another 20" Strawberry River brown.

Gary with a nice brown.

Matt with an18" rainbow from the Log Jam on the Henry's Fork.

Pam with a 19" brown from the B Section of the Green.

Dave with a Green River rainbow that survived an otter attack.

Mike with a Green River brown.

Dave with a nice Lower Provo brown.

Mike on the Lower Provo.

Bill with a nice Strawberry rainbow.

Pam with a 20" LC Ranch tiger trout.

Dave with a nice brown.

John on Hebgen Lake, Montana.

John on Strawberry Reservoir.

Pam on the Lower Provo.

Mike with a nice Strawberry Reservoir brown.

Judy with a nice brown.

Dave and Peter on the Weber River.

Dave on the Salt River, Wyoming.

Dave with a nice Salt River trout.

Matt with a 19-inch Green River brown caught on an olive Dave's Para-Hopper.

Mike with a nice Alaska rainbow.

Rick with another Alaska 'bow.

Dave with a nice Lower Provo brown.

Dave with a rare Lower Provo rainbow.

Bill with a nice Patagonia brown.

Bill on Strawberry with a 25" cutthroat.

Vaughn's Fall brown.

John with a 25" cutthroat from Strawberry.

Vaughn with a Flaming Gorge rainbow.

Jeff on Hebgen.

Bill with a 20" rainbow from the Willow River, Alaska.

Bill on the Middle Provo.

Bob on the Italio River, Alaska.

Vaughn with a large brown.

Jeff with a large rainbow.

John on Henry's Lake.

Nancy on Rockport.

John on Strawberry.

Bill on Strawberry.

Susie on Brough Reservoir.

John on Brough Reservoir.

Jeff with a nice brown.

John on Strawberry.

John on a secret lake.