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So, how are we doing? We want HCFF to be responsive to the desires of our members, so use this form to tell us how much effort we should devote to each of these activities. Should we eliminate it, maintain our current level of effort, or make it a high priority? You can also make suggestions and provide comments at the bottom. Thanks for your feedback.

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How Much Effort?

(clinics, fly tying classes, entomology, dry flies, etc.)
(Provo River clean up, Strawberry willow planting, etc.)
Fishing Trips
(LC Ranch, Green River, etc.)
Social Events
(Christmas party, steak fry, etc.)
Fly Fishing Events
(Wasatch Expo, Heber Valley Fly Fishing, etc.)

What additional educational activities would you like to see?

Where else would you like to go on a club fishing trip?

What programs or speakers would you like to see at club meetings?

We always need volunteers. What can you help us with?

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