High Country Fly Fishers (HCFF) is the local Park City Chapter of Trout Unlimited, which is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of cold water fisheries.  

HCFF sponsors a wide variety of conservation, educational, and community projects which help preserve and improve the local environment and support elementary school students, wounded veterans and cancer survivors in our local communities.  We raise funds to support our programs through member and community donations and various fundraising activities throughout the year.

If you would like to help us with your donation, we would greatly appreciate it.  Your money will be put to good use in our area.  Donations are used to support HCFF activities primarily in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

Your donation can be made using the PayPal button at the right and any major credit card.

If you prefer, you can also mail a check to us at the address below.

High Country Fly Fishers
P.O. Box 681988
Park City, UT 84068-1988

Examples of Projects Sponsored by HCFF Volunteers and Donations

Trout in the Classroom – This program purchases aquariums and all related supplies for elementary school students to watch the life cycle of trout from eggs through development into small fish during a school year.  Once the trout reach a suitable size, they are moved from the classroom and the students plant them in local ponds approved by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Project Healing Waters – This program helps wounded veterans by teaching them fly tying, fly rod building, fly casting and fly fishing.  HCFF volunteers provide the labor hours to help these veterans recover from PTSD and other physical and emotional injuries.

Willow Planting – HCFF purchases willow tree starts and, in cooperation with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, plants the trees along local streams and rivers to improve the fishery habitat through bank stabilization and reduced sedimentation into downstream waters.

Casting for Recovery – HCFF members support the local Casting for Recovery program for women going through cancer treatment and recovery by teaching fly tying and fly fishing.

River Cleanup – HCFF members provide many volunteer hours each year picking up litter and trash left by others along rivers, streams and lakes in our area.

Fence Ladders – In our community, rivers and streams often pass through fenced private land.  Many landowners do not mind the fishing public accessing a river on their property but do not want their fences damaged.  HCFF constructed crossovers along the Weber river to allow fishermen to cross the fences without damaging them. 

Beaver Damage Prevention – Along the upper reaches of the Middle Provo river, a population of beavers has been destroying the mature cottonwoods that provide shade to the river and fish population.  HCFF members have assisted the Utah Reclamation, Mitigation and Conservation Commission in wrapping the mature trees with wire to prevent the beavers from falling them.  Smaller trees in the area provide abundant resources for the beavers' needs.

 Trout Unlimited is a 501(c)3 organization under IRS rules and, as such, donations are tax deductible.  HCFF as a Trout Unlimited chapter is also covered under the IRS 501(c) rules.  Check with your tax adviser but we have been told that donations to HCFF are also tax deductible.